“Seeing things differently in a wonder perspective of control and movement can open a dramatic world experience.” “Photography is not a sport but is a memory of freedom of continuing to share what you love!” “The camera is not the photo taker, it is your eye!”

“Hello my name is Anthanee Fermanis and I am a Canon Photographer.” I am of Maori and Greek descent and I live in a small community on the East Coast of New Zealand  - Opotiki. For 3 years I’ve been self-taught and love taking photos and plan to make photography my future passion. I shoot with a  DSLR Canon 1200d which still can produce really great results. I don't used any professional equipment what other photographers use to get really good photographs but Digital has given me freedom and re-flexibility of choices in creating something more depth and dynamic. I like to lead the viewers eye to a prospective leading point and want you to imagine yourself as if they are inside that world to seek and explore. I don't used Photoshop to edit my photographs from putting layer after layer, because it makes true reality look fiction and unnatural. I keep my photos natural by using natural sun-light, then edit them on Light room to bring it back to life. Someday, I want to become a photojournalist by traveling around the world.